Drinking In Public

Vivian slams her helmet down on the bar counter while Hunter gently swirls a glass of cabernet with a complacent smirk. His green eyes are daggers.

“Well, look what the bat dragged in! You look like Hell darling.”

“Thanks Prince Charming.”

“What happened Vivvy? I have been waiting forever.”

“I’ve had a bad day. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh come on. Tell me.”

“Feedbag fell of my damn bike on the way over. I’m tired of this gig.”

“Oh Vivienne, you work too hard. It’s not that complicated. Really!”

“Oh shut up you ascot wearing prick. You are such a pain in the neck!”

“Alright. Alright. I’ll leave you be. Not all of us are blessed with a life of privilege and charm but you know, my classic English attire and the loquacious timbre of my voice never fails to instantly melt players into puddles of romantic lust.”

“What century were you born in again? My god you’re stuffy! Loquacious, who talks like that? Besides, girls are easy. Boys my age just wanna play video games and hang out with their dorky friends. Do you know how many comic cons I’ve been to this year?”

“Yes,my dear, I know but there are fewer virgin girls than ever these days. So really you have your work cut out for you.”

Occasionally she secretly succumbs to his old school manners. She does owe her eternally good looks to him after all.  People always mistake him for her dad though they never congregate unless a matter is of utmost urgency. Tonight they need an innocent for their special purpose. They must abstain from feeding until they achieve what they are after. Vivian is addicted to carnal pleasure in all forms. It reminds her that she was once alive and freely breathed fresh air and sunlight not so long ago. Hunter is naturally more reserved and longer accustomed to starvation. Only when an open wound stares him in the face do phantom pains emerge and his fangs ache desperately for slick wet relief.

The bartender laughing at his own clever insult to someone, throws his head back. The weight of his bulbous skull brings his whole body down backwards. Crashing into the ground, he takes a whole rack of glasses with him as he makes his descent. His wrist hangs in midair, pleading for assistance from the hecklers above. Red rivulets run down to his white pleated elbow. The blood pumping through the fallen man’s veins beats loud as thunder. Hunter feels his teeth begin to itch.  Vivian is parched too.

A young woman distracts them from thirst as she stumbles in. Her tearsoaked eyes look confused in her soiled white dress. She recognizes Hunter and groggily approaches. Her whole being is enveloped by his presence. They are the only two souls in the universe. Adam and Eve incarnate. Their eyes lock. Pearl feels her cheeks flush and her breasts heave. Her eyes widen and her shoulders drop as she sinks into the barstool in an enamoured trance. Hunter caresses her small wrists with bright emerald veins. He longs to feast on red juicy blood beneath supple yielding flesh. No escape this time. He must have her. Her lips parted to reveal perfect white teeth. She hesitated, unsure of herself.

” I came here because I didn’t know where else to turn. Maybe you can help me. You see I’m a bit lost. The man I came with has abandoned me here. I refused to lay with him so he told me to finish my drink and put out or get out. I never gave it up to anyone before. I feel dizzy. Did he put something in my drink? I feel so strange. My head is a cloud of mist and memory. I think I’m going to fai…..”

She slumped down softly onto his shoulders as vampire arms cheersed over her in triumphant success. They had found their virgin sacrifice.